Sunday, January 30, 2011

Website How To

We're going to have a brief commercial interruption here… Just to give you guys some guidance in finding things of interest on the website.

On the WELCOME page of, you'll see a navigation menu featuring old photographs. If you click on the different columns that photo will open and in the actual word is a link to that page. Click it!
The HOME PAGE is actually the home card of all the family cards and it starts with my kids. From there you can keep clicking backwards to see the parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc. etc. You can click on any person's name for more information. If you get lost there's a menu at the bottom of the card for the index or surname index.
Some cards have photographs which you can enlarge by clicking on them or if there is a small icon next to their name there may be more than one photograph which will open if you click the icon. (I intend to add a photo gallery to the website itself so I may not add many photos here.) 
The next item on the main menu is SURNAMES. It's an alphabetical index of everyone included on this family tree. 
The DOCUMENTS page is an alphabetical list of documents by main surname. These documents can include newspaper articles, death certificates, birth certificates, church records - you name it!
The next page is PEDIGREES which can give you an overview of the entire line of ascendancy. I've split them up into four main family categories for now and will probably break it up more later. It's a great way to find surnames of interest.
There are two other types of charts I can generate as well. One is a fan chart which begins with a central person and fans out from there and the other is a descendent chart where you pick a husband and wife as the beginning and it lists the rest of the descendents. There are  links to examples at the bottom of the PEDIGREES page. 

The GALLERY page has photo albums of differing families and related photos!
The BLOG and CONTACT pages are self-explanatory. 
I hope this helps you find what you need!

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